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Aberdeen Railway Station is on the main UK rail network and First Scotrail , East Coast Trains and Virgin Trains have frequent direct trains to major cities such as Edinburgh, Glasgow and Inverness. East Coast operates trains to London. First Scotrail operate the overnight Caledonian Sleeper train to and from London. The UK's longest direct rail journey runs from Aberdeen to Penzance. It is operated by Cross Country, leaving Aberdeen at 08:20 and taking 13 hours and 23 minutes to complete going via Birmingham.

Recent development of the railway goods yard has linked the rail terminus with the new Union Square Shopping mall, cinema and restaurants as well as the Jury’s Hotel. Travelers’ using the train may want to use Jury’s as a base for easy access of utilities and a short taxi ride to the IIC venue. Of course there are other hotels a short walk from the station and this complex.

Tickets for trains can be purchased at all stations but the best, most cost effective method is for pre-paying them online. Like all deals on tickets the cheapest are the ones that are purchased for a specified train journey at a specified time. In the UK we have two essential times for travel; Peak Time and Off-Peak Time. Peak time is generally from early morning to about 09:30, then from about 16:00 till 19:30. This is for commuters travelling to and from work. Off-Peak is times out with those hours and weekends. The train websites allow you to mix and match times to get the best deals. More flexible tickets are called Open Returns and can be used at any time.

Booking tickets once you have established your times is easy. Using the links below you can essentially buy any ticket for any train on any route, but the prices may vary so please explore and get the best deal. Once you have paid, you will get an email confirmation from the ticket provider with an authentication number. Please keep this number and the card you used to purchase the ticket. Once at the station that you will depart from, please go to the automated ticket machine and follow the instructions. You will as mentioned before need the authorization number and the card that you made the purchase with. The tickets will be printed allow you access through the ticket barriers and onto the trains.

You can see from the photo that the Jurys Hotel is very central, not only for the train and bus arrivals but also for the city centre. Just a very short walk from these services is the Douglas Hotel which is very nice. It has a three star rating only because it has not got a spa, but it offers very good facilities.

Ticket purchase links:
www.eastcoast.co.uk     www.scotrail.co.uk     www.thetrainline.com