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Hotel Accommodation

The IIC Organising Committee (OC) will not be responsible for any hotel bookings and it is the responsibility of all participants to make their own arrangements. The OC has made every effort to minimize the amount of hotel accommodation required to attend the 100th IIC. By scheduling the IIC to start at 2pm it allows participants to arrive on Friday morning and reduce the requirement for Thursday night accommodation. With the IIC finishing on Sunday afternoon, then there is no requirement to stay the Sunday night unless participants wish to stay longer for leisure.

For those who are travelling to the IIC and require Thursday and Sunday accommodation the OC have an agreement with VisitAberdeen whereby a fixed rate on 200 rooms has been secured throughout the city. The rooms’ rates of course vary according to the level of the hotel. These fixed rates have been guaranteed up until two weeks prior to the event.

If you are wishing to book through this service, the contact link is:

A list of hotel locations can be found on the map in the appendices of this information pack HOTEL ACCOMMODATION

Participants are free of course to book through their own preferred web hotel finder and they may well secure more cost effective prices for the same hotel that we have in the VisitAberdeen system. These prices as you well know come with certain booking conditions and you need to be aware of this when booking.

If you find a hotel that is not on the map and would like some advice please drop us an email at: admin@iicscotland2015.co.uk.

Skene Apartments
For some local knowledge there are a range of furnished apartments that can have up to three bedrooms that can be rented for the weekend. They are generally used through the week for business people who work locally but live out with Aberdeen. It may be a viable option for some. They are not located near the venue but it is a short drive or taxi ride. The venue at Holburn Street is right in the town centre.

Budget Hotels
There are a range of budget hotels:

Web Hotel Finders
I am sure you will have your own websites but here is one that we use: