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If you cannot get a direct international flight to Aberdeen then it is also possible to use Edinburgh as the arrival airport. The onwards transfer to Aberdeen will have to be done by train, bus or car hire. In order to achieve this you must first transfer from Edinburgh Airport to the Bus and Train Terminals in Edinburgh City Centre. Car hire of course can be made from the Airport Terminal.


Photographs have been added to provide some visual aid with landmarks and destination buildings.

Transfers from Edinburgh Airport to Bus and Rail Terminals.

The destinations you are looking for, for onward transfers to Aberdeen is Edinburgh Waverley Station for trains and Elder Street Bus Station for Buses. The two terminals are close together. Buses are cheaper but with advanced bookings online the trains can be much more cost effective and of course much quicker. The average train times from Edinburgh to Aberdeen are 2 ½ to 3 hours which is pretty much the same as Glasgow.

By Bus

Edinburgh Airport has a wide selection of transfer options to various locations around the airport, but the one you need to get to the train and rail terminals is the Airlink 100 express and N22 night buses reach Waverley Bridge in about 25 minutes, depending on traffic. The Lothian Buses No 35 also runs into city centre but calls at local destinations en route, and continues to Leith. The Airlink 100 stops right outside Waverley Rail Station.


By Taxi
You can of course take a taxi from the airport terminal but they are quite expensive and the buses are really good and of course direct like the taxi.

By Tram
These inclusions are new to Edinburgh since May 2014 and they run directly from Edinburgh Airport to Princes Street (for Waverly Station), St Andrews Square for Bus Station where you can take a very short walk to the train and bus stations.

Haymarket Train Station

Waverley Train Station is Edinburgh’s main train terminal, however Edinburgh Haymarket, which all Airport Transfers stop at, serves all main routes North and so you can easily catch all trains to Aberdeen here. However catching the train here sometimes means that due to the initial rush of passengers heading out of the city from the main Waverley terminal at certain times, it may result in you not being able to find a seat on the train initially, therefore sometimes it is better to travel on to Waverley Station and catch the train at source.

If you have never seen Edinburgh then staying on will allow you to see Edinburgh Castle and Gardens as well as Princes Street. However the online train booking system, that is explained later, will allow you to reserve seats (complimentary) so this can overcome the seat issue if it arises.


However to make sure you choose the correct one at the time of travel please consult the link: http://www.edinburghairport.com/transport-links/travel-into-edinburgh

Information about trains and buses to Aberdeen can be found later in this information pack.


Transfer to Aberdeen by Car from Edinburgh Airport. Car hire agents can be found using the link: http://www.edinburghairport.com/travel-extras/car-hire
Whether you choose to drive or take the train from Edinburgh to Aberdeen you will experience the crossing of the River Forth estuary. The A90 crosses the Forth at the Forth Road Bridge and travelers taking this option will see the building of the second Forth crossing. Those taking the train will cross the Forth Estuary by the largest cantilever bridge in the world. Travelling by train allows you to take in the view in a more relaxed and safe manner. Driving of course allows you to stop and if the will desires you can walk over the road bridge which is an exhilarating experience. The down side of this exposed walk is that you have to walk back over the bridge to get your car!!